The Chair

The Problem with Sitting
What is Ergonomics?
The Future of Seating Technology

In today's business climate, the average working adult will spend a minimum of eight hours a day seated at a desk in front of a computer. This stressful working climate is taking its toll on our health and well being.
Most people are never taught the proper seating posture and physically correct routines needed to avoid the repetitious movements that continually keep our bodies out of their proper alignment. The results cause a variety of chronic and acute physical health challenges including aches, pains and muscle stiffness that can over time grow into more serious problems, including:

   1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
   2. Spinal Stenosis
   3. Spondylosthesis
   4. Generalized Disk Disease

The inactivity of remaining in a seated position throughout the day causes our muscles to weaken, our bones to thin and our limbic system (responsible for the body's immunity to illness) to become sluggish and inefficient.  Hours of sitting slows blood flow and can result in the formation of blood clots, known as deep vein thrombosis.
What affects the body also affects the mind. Prolonged physical discomfort results in increased mental stress, which can disrupt concentration, inhibits creativity and negatively affects our performance.
The solution? Gymygym - the world's first ergonomic exercise chair designed for our modern lives.

What is ergonomics?

 Ergonomics is the science of designing objects and tools to conform and work with the human body rather than against it.
And while the current crop of ergonomically designed office chairs represent an improvement over traditionally designed chairs, even with adjustments, their "one size fits all" approach represents outdated technology.
Until now.

The Future of Seating Technology

Because no two bodies are alike, the Gymygym's patented flat bungee seating system is designed to specifically conform to you, the user, providing the perfect combination of give and support where you need it most while helping to eliminate the very serious physical issues caused from prolonged improper seating.

The custom constructed Gymygym Ergonomic Exercise Office Chair correctly positions the body to:
   1. Relieve pressure on hips, lower back, neck and shoulders
   2. Improve circulation
   3. Promote proper alignment of the spine

The GymyGym is more than just an incredibly comfortable, durable seating experience—it's the only chair in the world that allows you to address the root of the problem.

Four integrated exercise stations—at the back, sides and bottom of the GymyGym chair—offer a customizable, full-spectrum fitness solution right at your desk.

Designed around patented resistance band technology, the GymyGym enables 16 core exercises to strengthen and stretch all major muscle groups:


      • Arms
      • Chest
      • Legs
      • Back
      • Shoulders
      • Torso
      • Glutes

Finally, you can work and stretch your arms, legs, back and core without leaving your office. And depending on your fitness level, you can increase or decrease the tension of the exercise bands, letting you tone and strengthen your whole body.

As your fitness level improves, so does your health—both mental and physical!

Your mind is clearer, the quality of your work improves, your creativity is enhanced. Suddenly, you're looking forward to spending time at your desk!